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Unleashing Upcoming EPC Opportunities in India 2017

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Tracking Segment Wise Business Prospects for Value Chain Players

As far as India is concerned an evaluation of just gone by 11th plan depicts that it has been an inflection point in “Infrastructure Investments”, with contributions of up to 9 percent  from India’s GDP. The 12th plan is also replicating a similar trend with an envisaged investment of approximately USD 1 trillion, which means contributions of up to 10 percent of India’s GDP. The sectors which are expected to have massive investments include oil & gas sector, power sector, metals & mining sector and telecom sector. Thus, this mammoth and fast build out of industrial and plant infrastructure demonstrates the need of a robust and growing engineering, procurement and construction services industry for spreading and management of risks, efficiency and productivity in engineering and construction and supplementing the management bandwidth of project developers.

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DOP: March, 2017 Sector: Geography:

India has seen EPC industry translating from a relatively mediocre industry to a behemoth. This turnaround was basis the fast paced growth which the Indian economy witnessed in last decade to fifteen years of time. Today, the EPC industry of the country has become synonymous to multi million dollars complex projects which are being executed by both the private and Government market participants. However, a decade ago Indian EPC industry was categorized by small projects which were not that complex in nature and plagued by multitude small packages and subcontracts. But, in the current scenario it has squared with huge and unique opportunity due to galloping Indian economy and the planned investments in public and industrial infrastructure. This scenario has fuelled India to have recognition on global front. The EPC sector has witnessed consistent changes over past decade and has seen a smooth transition in terms of increasing project size, scale and market maturity.

Key Queries Resolved

  • What would be the market size and business potential for players in Indian EPC Segment ?
  • Which all states provides best investment opportunities in Thermal Power EPC Segment ?
  • Which all states provides best investment opportunities in Power Transmission EPC Segment ?
  • What would be opportunity tune for private players to invest in the Indian EPC Segment ?
  • What would be business bracket for international players to invest in Indian EPC Segment ?
  • Which all states to offer maximum investment opportunities in pulling up roads & highways infra ? What shall the opportunity tune for EPC players ?
  • Trace of dedicated sector type investment tune , services offered etc by the competitors
  • Which all states to offer maximum business case for EPC Players into Water –Waste Water and Irrigation Segment ?
  • Which all states to lead in developing the transportation , MRTS and other large infrastructure projects ? What shall be the tune for EPC players ?

Contents and Coverage

  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Thermal & Solar Power Generation Market in India by 2020
  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Oil and Gas Market in India by 2020
  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Mining Segment in India by 2020
  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Roads & Highway Segment in India by 2020
  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Power Transmission & Distribution Segment in India by 2020
  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Bridges/ Flyovers & Tunnels Segment in India by 2020
  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Water Supply , Waste Water & Irrigation Projects in India by 2020
  • Opportunity Track for EPC Players in Other Heavy Construction Segments in India by 2020
  • Region Wise EPC Opportunity Track

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USPs associated with the report are as follows:

  • First hand sector knowledge and inputs
  • Primary research inputs from F2F interviews with domain experts
  • Experts insights and market reviews taken into consideration
  • Validated data and analysis
  • Opportunity mapping and market sizing
  • Germinates from minds that think fresh to evolve path finding guide for all stake holders through quality information and analysis
  • Free query handling and analyst support for three months from the date of report procurement

Key Highlights:

  • Unwinding Business Potential for all Key Value Chain Players in the Indian EPC Segment
  • State Wise Market Size Evaluation of EPC in India for Varied Infrastructure Segments
  • Capturing Latest Trends , Market Directions and the Changing Strategies to be Adopted by the Market Players to Counter the Changing Dynamics of EPC Sector in India
  • Dossier helps adapt and get prepared to realize the underlying opportunities and see off the challenges while being aggressive and focused as a competitor in EPC sector of India
  • Estimating the Most Likely Market Potential for Marking Investments into the Segment

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    India is on the verge to witness a major transformation not only in terms of its social stature but in economic repute too. With correct measures taken into the right directions, India seems moving forward to take a centrifugal position in many areas of international affairs. Energy and infrastructure development is one such avenue in India that has already created its own space on the international podium and is gaining limelight from many of the global repute companies, courtesy which the Indian energy & infrastructure segment is anticipated to become a US Dollar Trillion market by FY’ 2020-21.

  • With infrastructure investments in India soaring high, demand for EPC services is bound to go beyond inches.Not only for the project developers, the current boom witnessed in the entire EPC space  provides an equality competitive and robust environment to the original equipment  manufacturers & other associated value chain players as well. It is significant to note that the construction equipment industry’s revenue is estimated to reach USD 22.7 by FY’2020.Whereas, for the entire EPC space, about 45-55% of the total planned tune of infra investments during 12th FYP is in kitty.

  • In what could be termed as a remarkable growth for power generation in India, with about 88.5 GW of capacity addition targeted for the 12th FYP, about 97% of it has already been achieved as on May 2016 and the remaining 3% likely to be commissioned soon.