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Enincon Consulting Research Report opinion was quoted in the article of The Hindu in Nov 5th, 2017 edition.

Military parts maker Alpha Design to go public next year

…India, one of the world’s largest arms buyers, imports about $5.5 billion worth of military hardware, according to market research firm Enincon Consulting. More than 65% of equipment is imported…

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Enincon Consulting Research Head interview published in Magazine ENERGETICA INDIA in June 2017 edition.

Captive Power Plants in India 2016-17: Opportunity Tracker for Value Chain Players

…Enincon Consulting has come out with a research report focused on captive power plants in India. Energetica India brings, for the readers, the highlights of the report. We also speak to Mr. Ravi Shekhar, Partner & Head – Research and Consulting on the research conclusions…

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Enincon Consulting Research Report opinion was quoted in the article of Magazine Forbes India March 2017 edition.

Why India needs to indigenise defence production

…$12.8 bln is the estimated size of the Indian defence equipment manufacturing market in FY16, according to research firm Enincon…

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Enincon’s deep dive on power equipments on market opportunuties gets endorsed by leading IPF Magazine.

Indian electrical equipment industry: empowering growth

…In addition, with rise in the acceptance of Indian electrical equipment & machinery (E&M) from the international players, the volume of overseas demand is likely to go up in the coming years. According to Enincon Consulting, the exports of EE/HEE are projected to grow at a CAGR of 17.4% from 2013-17. The estimated requirement of power equipment in India…

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