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Find Key Statistics

Get stats that serve “central” to your business growth on fixed frequency

Our clients prefer to rely upon the statistics and data shared on the exclusive platform of info-central to not only harness the opportunity on offer but also expand them through robust business. Decision making turns strategic glued to “stat” fundamental which is more realistic fueling critical tactical calls and forges the genesis to info-central.

Better anticipate future outlook & risk preposition

Enincon examines both opportunities & threats that our current & prospective client shall face via info-central

Info-central’s extensive coverage of futuristic data sets and trends allow the clients leverage the forecast with better simulation. This in turn allows them to anticipate the future demand in their respective business categories and further enhance understanding of the categories which shall be relevant to their customers and competition both.

infocentral d2i model sample

Find Analysis

Get crude analysis through custom D2I Model interface

Use and visually explore our analysis derived through customized D2I (Data 2 Information) models which are easy to understand and enables a deeper understanding of  market trends, consumer dynamics and demographic influence


Muren Guler

Muren Guler

Muren Guler is Managing Director of Global Energy which provides consultancy on project and business development to multinational companies related to renewable energy.

Mr Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar

P. Vinay Kumar, heads the Wind and Solar business for the Greenko Group as their Chief Operating officer.


Sankaran Subramaniam

Sankaran Subramaniam has more than 30 years experience working for several global power majors like NTPC, National Power PLC UK, AES Corp, GDF Suez and Mirant.

Arun k srivastava

Aruk K Srivastava

Independent Consultant/Advisor in Electricity Regulatory Affairs on prevailing framework in matters related to framing of regulations or disputes in power sector issues etc

D2I Model Feed
Market Feed & Insights
Future Outlook & Trends

What composes Info-Central Deck?

Info-central is simply a dossier that is churned out basis a fixed monthly frequency and is composed of analytics & feed from market leaders which provide insights to the industry participants. Further, it consists of exclusive findings from D2I models which assist in understanding market forecasts and future outlook to make robust investment decisions for our client’s in their respective business

Team behind Info-Central

People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking they can do things. When they believe in themselves, they have the first secret of success” 

                                                                                                                                                   – Norman Vincent Peale

This philosophy works wonder and the composition of team members who joined hands to contrive info-central was no different. Each of them being a believer involved passion in carving out a niche product on frequency basis which should cater to all the bunched need of industry. Our group of  analysts/consultants and industry experts combine together their expertise blended with experience to amalgamate what’s shaped up as “Info-central”

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