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  • Unleashing Upcoming EPC Opportunities in India 2017

    DOP: March, 2017 Category: , Sector: Geography: $ 2,199.00

    Tracking Segment Wise Business Prospects for Value Chain Players

    As far as India is concerned an evaluation of just gone by 11th plan depicts that it has been an inflection point in “Infrastructure Investments”, with contributions of up to 9 percent  from India’s GDP. The 12th plan is also replicating a similar trend with an envisaged investment of approximately USD 1 trillion, which means contributions of up to 10 percent of India’s GDP. The sectors which are expected to have massive investments include oil & gas sector, power sector, metals & mining sector and telecom sector. Thus, this mammoth and fast build out of industrial and plant infrastructure demonstrates the need of a robust and growing engineering, procurement and construction services industry for spreading and management of risks, efficiency and productivity in engineering and construction and supplementing the management bandwidth of project developers.

  • Country Wise Track of Forthcoming Oil & Gas Projects, Thermal Power Plant Projects, Power Transmission Projects, Wind Power Projects, Solar Power Projects, Transportation and Logistics Projects

    India is on the verge to witness a major transformation not only in terms of its social stature but in economic repute too. With correct measures taken into the right directions, India seems moving forward to take a centrifugal position in many areas of international affairs. Energy and infrastructure development is one such avenue in India that has already created its own space on the international podium and is gaining limelight from many of the global repute companies, courtesy which the Indian energy & infrastructure segment is anticipated to become a US Dollar Trillion market by FY’ 2020-21.

  • Evaluating Business case for Captive Power Developers, Equipment Suppliers & Vendors, Contractors & Service Providers, Power Off-Takers, Power Traders and Fuel Suppliers

    The business case for captive power plant is growing stronger with the realms of small & mid-size industry clutters mushrooming on pan India basis. Though, captive power generation in India can’t be termed as disruptive however it certainly has elevated itself to the genres of being one with the kind of capacities added on yearly basis which is nearing a hallmark figure of 50 GW in terms of installed capacity for the country.

  • With no time, the RES industry in India has gain momentum by enrooting serious flow of funds of above USD 20 Billion from domestic as well as global market till the last fiscal (FY’2015-16). It is pertinent to note that during 2015, India was ranked among the top 5 developing countries of the world for highly investing into RES, courtesy the flow funds into the solar facet. The initiatives taken by the Indian government to push the solar industry has really worked well in pulling more than decent investments into the domain.

  • In what could be termed as a remarkable growth for power generation in India, with about 88.5 GW of capacity addition targeted for the 12th FYP, about 97% of it has already been achieved as on May 2016 and the remaining 3% likely to be commissioned soon.

  • With infrastructure investments in India soaring high, demand for EPC services is bound to go beyond inches.Not only for the project developers, the current boom witnessed in the entire EPC space  provides an equality competitive and robust environment to the original equipment  manufacturers & other associated value chain players as well. It is significant to note that the construction equipment industry’s revenue is estimated to reach USD 22.7 by FY’2020.Whereas, for the entire EPC space, about 45-55% of the total planned tune of infra investments during 12th FYP is in kitty.

  • Power Scenario in India 2015 : A State Wise Track

    DOP: March, 2015 Category: Sector: Geography: $ 699.00

    Enincon attempts to unveil the opportunities for the power generation companies, transmission utilities and distribution companies at large. Also, the statuses of power trading and a track of discoms financial status is done to facilitate the future tendency of power sales. Queries like these and many more find their solutions in the virtue of this report which is to present opportunity verticals for the distinct sub-segments of power sector.

  • In what could be termed as a landmark judgment the Honorable Supreme Court of India, on September 24, 2014 cancelled the allocation of 204 coal blocks amidst all the hullabaloo of possible negative repercussions of same. The term referred by the court was no less than a sharp reaction on to the process followed in the earlier allocations way back in 1993; terming it “illegal”.  The rationales behind the allocation of the blocks were somewhere diluted and were perhaps not in line with the Coal Mines (Nationalization) Act 1973. This is clearly reflected in the observations of the court that as per provisions of the Coal Mines (Nationalization) Act 1973, coal mining is allowed only by a Central Government company, or a Government/private company having the specified end-use of iron & steel, power, cement, washing of coal, and syn-gas (coal to liquid).