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Domestic and Export Cement Market , Transportation , Capacity Utilization in India and Outlook -2017

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Evaluating Business Case for Domestic & Export Cement Market

Over past few years there has been a consistent spurt observed in the M&A drive by larger players neutralizing the effect of unstructured participants in the business. This marks the evolution of the industry into more matured structure wishing away from  lower price dynamics of the unstructured portfolio. With the rise in demand expected at both local and export levels tracking the supply dynamics in this phase of evolution of the industry holds pinnacle importance. Also, the suppliers shall increase in number given the performance of capacity utilization of existing cement plants in the country.

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Indian cement sector waits a bright future ahead, given the kind of potential country hold in terms of translating itself into an export hub coupled with this potential the rise in housing demand and smart cities drive have considerably propelled the need of country’s infrastructural development. This bestows higher opportune zone for business participants in Indian cement industry.

Hence, this calls for a detailed study highlighting the significant opportunity tune as per future for the potential consumers pertaining to both domestic and export cement market.

Key Queries Resolved

  • What would be the cost matrix for cement transportation by road for distinct locations ?
  • What would be the cost matrix for cement transportation by rail for distinct locations ?
  • What would be the cost matrix for cement transportation by seaborne route for distinct locations ?
  • What are the trends in the regional cement trade and distribution and the future outlook ?
  • What are key drivers and restraints to the cement industry in India ?
  • What would be the future outlook of domestic and export cement industry in India till 2022 by players ?
  • What would be the region wise future outlook of domestic and export cement industry in India till 2022?
  • What would be the capacity utilization wise future outlook of domestic and export cement industry in India till 2022 by players ?

Contents and Coverage

  • Trends in the domestic cement demand
  • Tracking cement supply dynamics for Indian market
  • Focusing on regional cement trade and distribution
  • Examining the volumes and development of exported cement as bulk
  • Understanding seaborne transportation of cement , analysing the cost rationale for roads and rail
  • Detailed pricing analysis for cement , covering region wise , production and transportation split
  • Future outlook of Indian domestic & export cement industry by 2022
  • Company profiling and competition analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis Matrix – Future and Potential Consumer Analysis for Domestic and Export Market

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  • First hand sector knowledge and inputs
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  • Experts insights and market reviews taken into consideration
  • Validated data and analysis
  • Opportunity mapping and market sizing
  • Germinates from minds that think fresh to evolve path finding guide for all stake holders through quality information and analysis
  • Free query handling and analyst support for three months from the date of report procurement

Key Highlights:

  • Port infra evaluation for export & seaborne trade w.r.t cement
  • Examining the high opportunity zone identification for figuring out potential consumer base
  • Evaluating cost matrix for cement by various modes of transportation for distinct locations
  • Evaluating business case region and player wise business case for domestic cement industry
  • Examining industrial trends for driving the growth of cement industry in India
  • Figuring out opportunities in strategic partnerships of thermal power producers in setting up cement plants near power stations
  • Analysing trends in regional cement trade and distribution in India