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National Biomass Mission in Offing: Identifying Lucrative Investment Pockets and Opportunity for Stakeholders across Value-Chain

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Buoyed by the success of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission, the MNRE is likely to launch National Biomass mission soon. Industry feels that, a National mission would fuel accelerated development in the biomass industry , same as JNNSM has done to Solar sector.  Keeping these development in mind, ENINCON in its latest publication “National Biomass Mission in Offing: Identifying Lucrative Investment Pockets and Opportunity for Stakeholders across Value-Chain” has estimated that, after the announcement of National Mission, Biomass industry will attract an investment of $ 17.5 billion across the value chain

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Being an agrarian economy, India  generates  huge bio resources to the tunes of  620 MT. Experts in the  industry feel that about 150 MT of these bio resources can be harnessed to generate power of the capacity of 17.5 GW.  In addition, India being among the largest producers of sugar,  have sufficient sugarcane bagasse to generate more than 5 GW through cogeneration.  Further another 2.7 GW can be generated through waste to energy (WTE) technology. In comparison to the these level of potential , India has so far been able to harness  only ~1750 MW, 2337 MW and 210 MW of biomass,  bagasse cogeneration and WTE capacity by the end of FY 2012-13. These numbers clearly indicates that, the Indian biomass industry has not witnessed  investment level matching to its potential.. The renewable energy industry including the biomass industry depends greatly on government’s grants and subsidies. Taking note of the high potential of the sector, the MNRE has been mulling over the idea of  initiating a National Biomass mission  on the lines of Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission. Such a move by the government certainly augurs well for the industry which will open new doors of investment across the value chain  of biomass sector.

Key Queries Resolved: The key queries which are addressed in this report are:

  • What are key regions and their attractiveness indices for developing biomass projects in India?
  • Who are the best technological solution providers for developing biomass projects in India?
  • Where are the major upcoming biomass projects are located and their current status of development?
  • What is the tune of funding opportunities in the biomass sector by 2022.
  • What is tune of business opportunity till 2022 for O&M in biomass projects?
  • What should be the incentive scheme and bidding mechanism adopted for Biomass projects under new policy and National Mission?
  • How will the discoms be benefitted by these projects?
  • How national mission will facilitate the development of REC market.

USPs associated with the report are as follows:

  • First hand sector knowledge and inputs
  • Primary research inputs from F2F interviews with domain experts
  • Experts insights and market reviews taken into consideration
  • Validated data and analysis
  • Opportunity mapping and market sizing
  • Free Transparent Report Presentation (TRR)

Key Highlights:

  • Profiles of all upcoming biomass projects in India
  • Analysis of Biomass market potential and sizing
  • Most lucrative pockets for investment across Indian states