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Opportunities in Power Transmission Capability & Infrastructure Expansion in India

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Gauging Support Matrix for Power Trading & Open Access Transactions with Regional Surplus/ Shortage Tracks

Since the current power transaction dynamics in the country is shaping up in favour of more open access transactions meaning a continued need for enabling power transmission infrastructure to felicitate what could be termed as “ True Open Access ” . In this milieu the role of not only the CTU and STU shall be important but also the participation on PPP basis by IPTCs shall be equally pivotal. Thus, there was an ardent need of a comprehensive analysis covering all the facets which offer opportunities in relation to the identified growth engine of current power sector in the country i.e. transmission segment.

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With India, being tagged as one of the fastest growing economies of the world, the need for infrastructural growth shall also be on a high. Courtesy this the country shall witness rapid growth in terms of power capacity addition. Although, there has been a paradigm shift in terms of the power generation mix of the country  with impetus being on renewable capacities. Having said that,  India looks poised to cross the 400 GW mark in FY’2022 meaning heavy transition from current inter-regional transmission capacity of 75 GW. Subsequently, the capacity addition in transmission sector capability expansion opens up huge opportunity galore not only in securing the inter & intra regional connectivity but also establishing green corridors and sufficient sub stations capacities coupled with enhanced transformation.

Key Queries Resolved

  • What would be the market size & business potential for players in Indian power transmission segment ?
  • What measures to be undertaken for upgradation of existing and upcoming transmission lines ?
  • What are the targeted plans for power trading by 2022 for STOA/MTOA/LTOA ?
  • What are the key challenges to be addressed for felicitating open access and power trading ?
  • What are the lost capacities in terms of “MW” and revenue due to transmission bottleneck ?
  • What would be the transmission capacity growth rate track for thermal power plants & estimating the deficiency track ?
  • What would be the transmission capacity growth rate track for solar power plants & estimating the deficiency track ?
  • What would be the transmission capacity growth rate track for wind power plants & estimating the deficiency track ?
  • What would be the growth in inter regional transmission capacity till 2022 ?
  • What would be the growth track of substations and HVDC terminals till 2022 ?

Contents and Coverage

  • Growth of Power Transmission System in India: An Overview
  • Need for additional Transmission Infra: Managing Congestion
  • Enormity of Grey Area: Deficiency in current Transmission Capacity
  • Delay Track in Future Capacity Additions
  • Planned Investments in Capacity Additions and Adverse Spiral Effect: Ensuring True Open Access in India
  • Planning of Transmission Capacities as per Open Access Transactions
  • Region Wise and State Wise Transmission Capacity Assessment as per open access trend
  • Assessing Impact Trading Business case and transmission infra congestion in India
  • Targeted Planning estimates for STOA/MTOA/LTOA and Power Trading by 2022
  • Focussing upon Existing and Upcoming Transmission line Upgradation
  • Technological Application and Innovations in Transmission Line Planning and Execution
  • Addressing Key Challenges for felicitating Open Access and Trading

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USPs associated with the report are as follows:

  • First hand sector knowledge and inputs
  • Primary research inputs from F2F interviews with domain experts
  • Experts insights and market reviews taken into consideration
  • Validated data and analysis
  • Opportunity mapping and market sizing
  • Germinates from minds that think fresh to evolve path finding guide for all stake holders through quality information and analysis
  • Free query handling and analyst support for three months from the date of report procurement

Key Highlights:

  • Growth rate required for transmission capacity as per Generation capacity- cumulative and on Pan India basis & Deficiency Track
  • PGCIL growth numbers and projected network capacity addition: Assessing the deficiency track
  • STU’s growth numbers and projected network capacity addition: Assessing the deficiency track
  • Assessing impact trading business case and transmission infra congestion in India
  • Application of high performance network in existing lines : Track of assets
  • Identifying cost structure for players – Estimating state wise track

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