Power Transmission in Africa 2019 – Unearthing the Opportunity Potential into Sub-Saharan’s Electricity Transmission Sector till 2025

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Fact pack on the current electricity transmission scenario in Africa and opportunity assessment till 2025

Inadequacy of Power Supply in Sub-Saharan Africa Makes it a Unique Market that Offers both Transformative Potential and Attractive Investment Opportunity

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Sub- Saharan Africa, a region know for its significant wealth in natural resources is amongst the fastest emerging markets in the world. But fall well short from other similar growing markets when it comes to economic prosperity. Electricity plays a very crucial role for economic growth. Infact, there exists a direct correlation between economic growth and electricity supply and if Sub-Saharan African countries needs to see faster economic growth, then they must focus on developing its power sector. There are three aspects  of power sector supporting national development of any economy – availability , accessibility and affordability. In case of Africa, accessibility is a major concern. It is pertinent to note that only 35-40% of the total population in Africa has access to electricity. A primary cause for such poor quality of supply and low electrification rates lies with weak power networks. Addressing these challenges will require new approaches to development and funding into power transmission sector of the country. Since, a large funding gap is already affecting the Sub-Saharan Africa’s power sector, this development cannot be done by country’s public sector alone and hence brings a great opportunity for scaling up the private participation and investments from the private channels.


  • Transmission network expansion to witness investments from private players to the tune of USD 3.2 Billion to USD 4.3 Billion annually between 2016-2040
  • South Africa power utility Eskom, has announced plans to add about 6 500 km of high-voltage transmission lines and
  • 46000 MVA of transformer capacity by 2028
  • Nigeria plans to add over 190 new projects to boost power transmission, generation and distribution
  • Africa targets to provide electricity connections to about 60 million new households by 2030
  • About 5000 ckt. Kms of transmission line network targeted to be installed by 2030
  • Africa targets to increase electricity generation capacity by 30,000 MW
  • East African countries projects to witness peak demand/supply surplus of 3430 MW by 2025
  • Kenya Power & Lighting Company plans to invest USD 15 Million on projects to improve electricity supply in the country by 2019
  • South Africa’s power utility Eskom is set to expand its transmission network after ADB approved financial assistance of USD 218 Million
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Contents and Coverage

  • An overview of power sector in Africa
  • A track on the current electricity electrification scenario in Africa
  • Current Regulatory & Policy Scenario for Electricity Generation in Africa & the Roadmap for Future Targets
  • Track on the Contribution of Development Partners in Power Transmission Works in Africa
  • Power Demand Estimations till 2025 for African Countries
  • Power Demand – Supply Situation in Africa – Examining the Gaps and Demand Estimations Till 2025
  • Anticipated Capacity Addition in the Power Transmission Network of African Countries till 2025 – Studying Key Countries
  • Estimating the Business Opportunities for Transmission & Distribution for Encouraging Electricity Trade in – North African Region, East African Region, West African Region & South African Region
  • Capacity Addition Targets for Renewable Energy in Africa – Estimating Likely Additions till 2025
  • Opportunity Assessment for Power Transmission Equipment OEM’s / Suppliers in Africa till 2025
  • Track of upcoming power transmission projects in Africa
  • Identifying Major Challenges Unlocking Regional Electricity Trade in Africa
  • Tracking investment opportunity in Power Transmission Sector in Africa – Capturing PPP opportunity trends

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  • First hand sector knowledge and inputs
  • Primary research inputs from F2F interviews with domain experts
  • Experts insights and market reviews taken into consideration
  • Validated data and analysis
  • Opportunity mapping and market sizing
  • Germinates from minds that think fresh to evolve path finding guide for all stake holders through quality information and analysis
  • Free query handling and analyst support for three months from the date of report procurement
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Key Highlights

  • Track of all under construction, announced power transmission projects in east Sub Saharan African countries –Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania
  • Track of all under construction, announced power transmission projects in south Sub Saharan African countries –South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana
  • Track of all under construction, announced power transmission projects in central Sub Saharan African countries –Chad, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon
  • Track of all under construction, announced power transmission projects in west Sub Saharan African countries – Niger, Nigeria, Mail , Mauritania, Senegal etc
  • Tracking business opportunity for independent power transmission players in key Sub Saharan African countries till 2025
  • Track of all the investments planned (2016-2019 till date) by national and international development agencies in Africa for the growth of power sector in the country
  • Assessing opportunity for the Indian power generation and transmission utilities in Africa’s electricity sector till 2025
  • Assessing opportunity for equipment manufacturers/suppliers for transmission towers, conductors and cables, insulators, transformers, switchgear etc till 2025
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Report Insights

  • Power demand-supply situation in Africa
  • Power generation trends in Africa – Overview on capacity addition from conventional and renewable energy sources
  • Power demand estimates for key countries in Africa till 2025
  • Immediate opportunity wise categorization of electricity demand centres in African region till 2025
  • Overview of current power transmission situation in Africa
  • Transmission network expansion and track of key transmission projects in Africa
  • Identifying major capacity addition pockets for renewable energy in Africa till 2025
  • Opportunity assessment for building the subsequent transmission network for integrating the to be added renewable capacity
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