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Refineries, Product Market and Capacity Expansion Opportunities and Outlook in India- 2018

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Examining the market expansion trends for petrochemical industry in India and the scope of business

It is pertinent to note that an investment to the tune of approximately USD 5.2 Billion, is what Indian refining industry is anticipating till 2020 in developing its brownfield refineries. In this line India’s largest downstream player, IOCL also plans to invest about USD 27 Billion in coming 5-7 years to expand its refining capacity from 80.7 MTPA to about 150 MTPA through both brownfield and greenfield capacity creation. Not only this, but the other dominant industry players such as BPCL, HPCL etc. are also not far behind in catching up the footprints of IOCL in this regard. For instance, BPCL has invested an amount of USD 2.5 Billion in an Integrated Refinery Expansion Project at its Kochi refinery. Like this, there are many examples indicating the market size expansion of India’s Brownfield Refinery segment.

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India is a major demand centre and supply hub of petroleum products in Asia. Infact, with demand for petrol growing at 6%, the country is anticipated to surpass China by 2018 becoming Asia’s fastest growing oil market. Having said that, despite this growing demand India might not see greenfield refinery capacities coming its way for atleast upcoming 2-3 years here on. But, this doesn’t fade way the investment attractiveness of the refining industry in India, as the country plans to focus on modernizing , technologically upgrading and capacity expansion of the already existing refineries.

Key Queries Resolved

  • What are the key factors driving refinery business market in India?
  • What shall be the market for refined products in India till 2022?
  • How fair would be the gasoline market in India till 2022?
  • What would be the demand-supply dynamics of petrochemicals till 2022?
  • How fair would be the LPG market in India till 2022?
  • Whether the future of refining industry in India would be a continuous retreat or rising profitability?
  • What would be the demand of diesel oil in India till 2022?
  • What would be the capital investment trends in upcoming refineries in India?
  • What would be the player wise refining capacity expansions in India till 2022?
  • What would be the market share of players into India’s refining industry till 2022 by capacity?
  • What would be the market share of players into India’s refining industry till 2022 by revenue?
  • What would be the market share of players into India’s refining industry till 2022 by products?

Business Case  In Indian Refineries Sector

  • With a growth of 6 percent , India projected to surpass China as fastest growing oil market in 2018
  • Government is formulating national policy for petrochemicals after a white paper that proposed a fund to boost investment
  • India is projected to witness a expansion in the petrochemical market size to the tune of USD 65-70 Billion by 2020
  • BPCL, HPCL & IOCL all together plans to invest INR 2.7 Trillion to build world’s biggest crude refinery with a capacity of 1.2 Million Barrels per day
  • Government of India trying to use India’s market size as the world’s third largest oil consumer to strike better deals with oil exporters and attract investments into India’s exploration and refining industry
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Contents and Coverage

  • Refining Industry & Refined Products in India- Overview
  • Refinery Business Market- Drivers & Restraints in India
  • Refined Products Market Demand and Supply Dynamics in India – Examining the Current Scenario
  • Refinery Capacity Expansion & Opportunities in India, Status as on 2017
  • Refinery Capacities- Historic Trend and Outlook in India
  • Market Share Analysis & Opportunities in Refinery Business of India – Examining the Current Market
  • Market Expansion & Refining Business Matrix Evaluation
  • Companies Deck for Refinery Business in India

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Key Highlights:

  • Evaluating the business attractive index –parametric benchmarking for Indian refining industry
  • Examining business opportunities in creating additional capacity
  • Examining business case for value chain players into refining industry for market expansion
  • Evaluating product wise refining capacities and forecasts till 2022
  • Identifying major restraints to refining business in India
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Report Insights

  • Identifying key driving factors  for refining business in India
  • Evaluating anticipated investments into the refining business in India
  • Deriving investment opportunity matrix for industry stakeholders  into the refining business
  • Identifying the demand –side and supply- side choices & challenges in India’s downstream segment
  • Tracking upcoming refining projects  in India till 2022 and the tune of capital investment
  • Evaluating player wise refining capacity expansion trends in India till 2022
  • Latest developments, financial deals , M&A and awarded contracts related to crude oil refineries in the country
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