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Renewable Energy Sector in India 2015_enincon

Renewable Energy Sector in India 2015

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Renewable Energy Sector in India poised for remarkable growth with massive investment opportunity worth  USD 250 Billion in store.To meet the ever growing energy demand of the country the Government of India has set targets which will take the total renewable capacity to almost 175 GW by the end of 2022. This includes 60 GW from wind power, 100 GW from solar power, 10 GW from biomass power and 5 GW from small hydro power.Moving in sync with the government at center for making India a hub for renewable energy, states too are putting dedicated efforts for up beating the renewable energy market in the country especially in solar.

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ENINCON in it’s report “Renewable Energy Sector in India 2015 has covered into the details of scenarios in solar, wind, small hydro, biomass and other renewable energy space in India.  Through this dossier enincon attempts to dive deep into the state wise potential attractiveness for solar and wind energy development. Further it entails to develop understanding for developing renewable energy sources in the country keeping in view the issues and challenges for the development of different renewable energy sources. The report brings to light the future outlook for the development of renewable energy in India given the perspective for development potential of solar in light of 100 GW capacity addition target, new offshore wind policy and geothermal policy in the country.


Key Queries Resolved

  • What would be the likely states for the development of solar?
  • What are the key drivers for wind energy in India?
  • What is the state wise potential for development of renewable in India
  • What are the key driving factors for the growth of renewable in India
  • What are the most suitable states as per government policies, support and incentives ?
  • What would be opportunity pie in solar power developers in different Indian states ?
  • What is the likely tariff scenario for solar power in India ?
  • What has been the trend in solar PV manufacturing in India ?
  • What would be the possible impacts of ambitious renewable energy targets on India’s energy basket ?
  • What could be the challenges and issues for renewable energy developers across the different segment ?
  • What is the market size and potential for key stakeholders in equipment manufacturing for renewable?
  • What could be the risk opportunity matrix for renewable in India ?
  • What are the segment wise development of renewable in India?

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Key Highlights:

  • State wise potential of solar power generation for private players
  • Next emerging state for investments of solar and wind energy
  • Track of areas offering maximum opportunity for private players in wind power generation
  • Future of biomass, small hydro and other RE in India
  • Key challenges that development of renewables as per the segment
  • Current and emerging scenario in India’s Renewable Energy Scenario
  • Impending challenges for growth of renewable in India
  • Potential states for development of renewables sources