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  • Indian Coal Outlook 2017

    DOP: February, 2017 Category: Sector: Geography: $ 899.00

    Analysing Domestic and International Coal Outlook

    India is in the early stages of major transformation, and country’s GDP is expected to grow by 7.9% in 2016 (as per World Bank), more than twice the global average. Economic growth and modernization will turn drive energy demand, especially coal. In this dossier, enincon carried out most exhaustive and qualitative research accompanied by in depth analysis to find out future market scenario for steel, sponge iron, power and other coal consuming sectors in order to find out coking and non coking coal demand in the country by 2022. Further, by meticulously examining the dynamics involved in coal imports, best coal rich destinations have been benchmarked taking into consideration prevailing and upcoming infrastructure, regulatory and policy environment, investment scenario etc. This dossier shall help in strategic decision making for all the key value chain players and stakeholders

  • ENINCON in it’s report “Indian Coal Sector-2015” attempts to unveil the pressure on End User Plants with rising coal cost and increased focus on securing coal imports. Also, the status of coal washing and captive coal mining is mapped to details in the report to project actual picture for all the stake holders. The report also factors the entire coal consuming sector and their demand is analysed in exhaustively with particular focus on associated risks, cost dynamics and logistics involved.

  • In what could be termed as a landmark judgment the Honorable Supreme Court of India, on September 24, 2014 cancelled the allocation of 204 coal blocks amidst all the hullabaloo of possible negative repercussions of same. The term referred by the court was no less than a sharp reaction on to the process followed in the earlier allocations way back in 1993; terming it “illegal”.  The rationales behind the allocation of the blocks were somewhere diluted and were perhaps not in line with the Coal Mines (Nationalization) Act 1973. This is clearly reflected in the observations of the court that as per provisions of the Coal Mines (Nationalization) Act 1973, coal mining is allowed only by a Central Government company, or a Government/private company having the specified end-use of iron & steel, power, cement, washing of coal, and syn-gas (coal to liquid).

  • Coal Demand Supply Outlook in India – 2013

    DOP: December, 2013 Category: Sector: Geography: $ 599.00

    ENINCON  in this report analyses the entire supply side of coal by taking into account of both the volumes and prices till 2020. This report also identifies innovative coal sourcing options to various consumer segments, assess the inland and offshore coal infrastructure as well as  logistics to cover up the extent of coal shortage.

  • Domestic & International Coal Market in India 2013

    DOP: October, 2013 Category: Sector: Geography: $ 649.00

    ENINCON in it’s report “Domestic and International Coal Market in India 2013– Understanding Demand Segmentation and Evolving Dynamics of Coal in India” explores the entire Coal value-chain in India and developments in domestic and international coal  markets, to provide valuable insights on the likely Coal Demand Supply Dynamics in the country by 2020. This report aims to go dive deep and do an in-depth analysis through mix of primary and secondary research and analytics to segment the coal demand by adopting different models. The models developed are based on thorough research blended with analytics to determine demand-supply situation for different coal consuming sectors based on emerging domestic and imported coal scenario in India. The handpicked case studies on shortage of coal highlights the struggles faced by various companies and investors and provides useful insights to deal with such anomaly. In addition the research  highlights the cases of coal crunch and other impending areas where there has been a hit on the capital expenditure of the companies.

  • Coal Washing Opportunity Tracker 2013

    DOP: August, 2013 Category: Sector: Geography: $ 599.00

    Coal washing in India grew at a CAGR of more than 17% over the past five years from 2006-2011. It is predicted that it will grow at a CAGR of more than 25% in coming fi e  to seven years. Currently, coal washing accounts for nearly 20% of the total production of coal in India and lags behind the global  scenario with a margin of almost 25%. This indicates a huge scope of coal washing in India and further the declaration on of CIL to have integrated coal washeries in all upcoming coal mining projects of more than 2.5 MT capacities, which adds extra mileage for this segment for further growth. CIL has been in the forefront in developing coal washeries; however, due to man power constraints coupled with cost of the operation, it has decided to outsource this operation to private players in BoM basis.